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Grief is a strange companion. It's unpredictable, cruel, and absolutely necessary. Normally when we lose someone, we have mementos, we have funerals, we gather together and remember our lost loved-one; in tears, in laughter, we remember them.

Not so with abortion.

We have no grave to visit. We have no cherished items to hold.

We have no photos. We only have the pain and the hole that's left. 

 And we don't talk about it.

The passage through the natural stages of grief never happens,

and we remain stuck.

My hope is that this site might help in some way.

When we remember, when we can allow ourselves to embrace the grief that will come; 

that is the only way through it. Maybe, just maybe, in grieving, we  will finally find the strength to seek forgiveness; from the God who made us

and loves us with an everlasting love.

For some who are the extended family,

it may mean finding forgiveness in our own hearts for the ones who seek,

as well as the ones who provide abortions.

And the hardest one of all, with God's help, we might just forgive ourselves.

It is through forgiveness that healing will come.

I do pray all of these things for everyone who visits this site. 

I have chosen the Forget Me Not flower as a symbol to remember the lost little

ones. You will see these little flowers all over the site.

I want to remember. 

 I wear two rings on the same finger, little silver bands covered with forget-me-not flowers.

I remember not one, but two;

twins actually.

They are Zoe & Josiah. 

More of their story to come.

Thank you for coming to the site.

a  note from the founder of Zoe's Promise



To remember.

It is the biggest "why" of





Zoe's Promise.




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