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When I learned of my lost grandchildren, I deeply grieved. I went to sleep crying and I woke up crying for weeks. I found myself online searching for something that I could wear all the time to remember them. 

I am offering mementos here at Zoe's Promise. I am working with some fantastic artists to bring my vision to reality. I will be adding to the options available here very soon. 

I never want your inability to pay to keep you from having the piece that speaks to you. Please email me privately if you cannot afford to purchase the piece that will help you remember, and help you to heal. I will get your information and make sure you receive the desired piece.

Profit is not my purpose here. The funds that are made here will help keep this site, and the healing, going.

Blessings. KJ

Coming Soon!


Me Not


Remember and Heal

Memento comes from the imperative form of "meminisse," a Latin verb that literally means

"to remember."

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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